About FOL005

FOL005 is our project for boosting hair and scalp. Together with one or more partners, we plan to launch a product line based on FOL005 in 2025, which will include products for the scalp/head, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard.

FOL005 is a peptide, a small protein, that is specifically designed to stimulate hair growth. It has shown high safety and positive results in clinical studies with significantly higher response rates than leading products on today's market.

The proprietary topical formulation is a non-running gel which is easy to apply. It is designed to penetrate the skin well and spread FOL005 evenly in both the skin and the hair follicles. The formulation keeps the FOL005 stable for several years at room temperature.

  • Clinically proven efficacy, more than 70 % responders
  • For both men and women
  • Good safety profile and very good skin compatability
  • Application only once daily
  • Strong patent

The market

Hair loss affects both men and women. Data shows that as much as 50% of all adults globally suffer from hair loss during their lifetime. Currently, there are only a few products on the market that stimulate hair growth. These have limited effect, only a small percentage of those who use the product respond to the treatment, they cannot be used by women in effective doses, and cause side effects such as impotence and hair growth in unwanted places.

FOL005 has a proven significant effect, can be used by both men and women, is safe and tolerable and has a significantly higher response rate. Through these advantages, FOL005 has great potential to become the market leader in a market worth over 8 billion US dollars.

When it comes to products that stimulate eyelashes, FOL005 has great potential in the global market, especially since most of the leading products on the market contain prostaglandin analogues as the active component. The EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has announced its concerns about the safety of prostaglandin analogues when used in cosmetic products near the eye. The global market size for eyelash serum is estimated to 770 million US dollars and for eyebrows SEK 289 million US dollars.

The market for beard grooming products is growing rapidly due to an increased focus on personal care and the popularity of beards among men. In 2023, the market was valued at 240 billion SEK, but this figure encompasses all types of beard grooming products.

Market value head

8 billion USD

Market value eyelashes

770 million USD

Market value eyebrows

289 million USD



License agreement with commercial partners.


Cosmetic tests carried out and necessary permits obtained in key markets.


Production upscale finalized.


Product launch in key markets.


FOL005 is a unique and patented peptide based on a modified part of the endogenous human structural protein osteopontin. Osteopontin is a glycoprotein expressed by many tissues, among these also the hair follicle, bone and involved in inflammatory processes.

The most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. It develops slowly over time and is caused by the hair follicle becoming smaller and, in the end, it is ultimately inactive and is not able to grow new hair, a process called miniaturization. A key driver for this is due to lack of blood flow to the muscle. FOL005 revitalizes the blood vessels, hence stimulates hair growth.


Progression of androgenic alopecia

Clinically validated

Clinical studies including more than 300 people with androgenetic alopecia demonstrated that FOL005 resulted in remarkable growth of new hairs for those who had a hair density less than 255 hairs per square centimeter after once daily application for only 4 months. FOL005 applied once daily induces hair growth after 4 months comparable to minoxidil applied twice daily for six months.


FOL005 was developed by Professor Anna Hultgårdh Nilsson, Lund University in collaboration with LU Bioscience AB. Furthermore, Professor Jan Nilsson is active in progressing the mode-of-action of FOL005 at Lund University and in collaboration with Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, China.