Eva Sjökvist Saers Chairman of the board

Born in 1962
Board member since May 2023
Chairman of the board since October 2023. 

Education and experience: Eva Sjökvist Saers is a licensed pharmacist with a doctorate from Uppsala University. Eva has long and broad experience from research & development and business and operational development from the pharmaceutical industry with various management positions within Astra/AstraZeneca, group management at Apoteket AB and as CEO of the pharmaceutical company APL with over 500 employees and a turnover of SEK 1.4 billion.

Eva Sjökvist Saers is currently active in a number of life science companies - chairman of Dicot AB and board member of Alligator Bioscience AB, Apoex AB, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals AB and Oxcia AB. Eva is chairman of the strategic innovation program Swelife and has previously been chairman of the Apotekarsocieteten and vice chairman of the industry organization SwedenBIO. Previously, Eva has served on the boards of Dilafor AB, Empowered Health AB, IDL Biotech AB, Karo Pharma AB, Recipharm AB and Karolinska Institutet Holding AB. 

Holdings: Eva Sjökvist Saers does not own, privately or through a company, any shares in Coegin Pharma AB.

Jens Eriksson Member of the board and CEO

Born in 1975
Board member since May 2023
Chairman of the board May-October 2023.

Education and experience: Jens Eriksson has a university degree in finance and marketing with additional studies in biomedicine. Jens has been active as CEO of several major retail chains in Sweden such as ELON, Hemmabutikerna, Hemexperten, and most recently Scania's largest private retailer, Arver Lastbilar. Furthermore, Jens has extensive experience in board work and currently works as a senior consultant in strategy, business development and communication. Jens is also an investor with a focus on Swedish biotech. Jen's key competencies are in business development, rationalizations, mergers, communication, marketing and HR.

Holdings: Jens Eriksson owns, privately and through the company iEnce Advisor AB, 384,276 shares and 175,349 warrants of series TO3 in Coegin Pharma.

Erlend Skagseth Member of the board

Born 1955
Board member since September 2020.

Education and experience: Erlend Skagseth has an MBA degree and 30 years of experience from R&D-based project management and business development as well as 15 years of experience in VC investments at an early stage. Erlend Skagseth is Managing Partner at Sarsia Seed and has participated in several turnarounds and negotiated several international contracts, licenses and exits. Has extensive experience from board work in development and growth companies.

Shareholding: Sarisa Seed AS owns 144,839 shares in Coegin Pharma. Through Mitosis AS, Erlend Skagseth indirectly owns approximately 5 percent of the shares in Sarisa Seed AS.

Thoas Fioretos Member of the board

Born 1958
Boardmember since 2022.

Education and experience: Thoas Fioretos is professor and senior physician at the Department of Clinical Genetics at Lund University. His research focuses on molecular and functional studies of genetic changes in leukemia and how such changes can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. He has authored more than 130 scientific articles. Thoas Fioretos is one of the founders of Cantargia AB, Qlucore AB and Lead Biologics International AB. Thoas Fioretos is a board member of Cantargia AB, Qlucore AB and Lead Biologics International.

Shareholding: Thoas Fioretos does not own, privately or through companies, any shares in Coegin Pharma.