Why invest in Coegin Pharma?

We have a very experienced management team as well as our board with great competence in drug development, commercialization, business development, building companies and financing.

We have two unique technology platforms with great potential in the treatment of inflammation-driven cancer, diabetes complications and stimulation of hair growth, where the need for better treatments is great.

We have a broad and mature project pipeline through the acquisition of Follicum AB ("Follicum") and the positive results from our COAK study. We are ready to take the next step on the journey towards creating long-term value through a number of unique projects, solid competencies in combination with a limited capital requirement.

Through separate portfolio companies, we will develop and add value to well-validated development projects. We intend to actively broaden the project portfolio in the company's existing unique technologies and external acquisitions. What the projects have in common is that they must have a well-validated research basis, attractive commercial conditions, potential for early exit and a clear opportunity to add value to the project. At the same time, we must be active in our exit work for each portfolio company.

This, combined with our skills and platform, creates the right conditions for increased growth and value enhancement without significantly accelerating our financial risk and capital needs.

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