Jens Eriksson CEO

Born in 1975
acting CEO since October 2023 and CEO sedan april 2024 .

Education and experience: Jens Eriksson has a university degree in finance and marketing with additional studies in biomedicine. Jens has been active as CEO of several major retail chains in Sweden such as ELON, Hemmabutikerna, Hemexperten, and most recently Scania's largest private retailer, Arver Lastbilar. Furthermore, Jens has extensive experience in board work and currently works as a senior consultant in strategy, business development and communication. Jens is also an investor with a focus on Swedish biotech. Jen's key competencies are in business development, rationalizations, mergers, communication, marketing and HR.

Holdings: Jens Eriksson owns, privately and through the company iEnce Advisor AB, 384,276 shares and 175,349 warrants of series TO3 in Coegin Pharma.

Lars Bukhave Rasmussen CFO

Born 1975
CFO since 2022.

Education and experience: Lars has extensive experience in the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from medical development, commercialization, financial management and accounting as well as general management thanks to his long experience in various senior positions for LEO Pharma A / S, both in Denmark and the USA at vice president level, and as CFO and COO for Pila Pharma AB. His educational background includes Veterinary Medicine Doctor (VMD) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, B.Sc. in Business Administration with a focus on financial management and accounting at the University of Southern Denmark, Denmark, and Executive MBA at Henley Business School, United Kingdom.

Holding: Lars Bukhave Rasmussen owns 30,750 shares and 11,625 warrants of series TO3 in Coegin Pharma AB.

John Zibert CMO

Born 1977
CMO since May 2022.

Education and experience: John Zibert is a renowned pharmaceutical researcher and has over 20 years of experience in drug development and digital health research. John's expertise lies in, among other things, skin diseases, cancer, decentralized clinical trials, biomarkers and innovation processes, which have resulted in more than 70 international scientific publications. John has previously held several management positions such as CEO of Studies & Me A/S, Chief Medical Officer at LEO Innovation Lab and Head of Medical Affairs EU5 + at LEO Pharma A/S, and has contributed to drug development and the launch of several drugs. John has a master's degree in human biology from the University of Otago and University of Copenhagen, a PhD in immunology from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen and a leadship education from the Danish Armed Forces.

Shareholding: John Zibert owns 17,424 shares and 3,587 warrants of series TO3 in Coegin Pharma through the fully-owned company Future Brain ApS.