Coegin Pharma, a Nordic biotechnology company that, with unique technologies and competencies, develops novel treatments in cancer and inflammatory-driven diseases today reports positive top-line data from its COAK study - a clinical Phase I/II trial in which the safety and tolerability of AVX001 was evaluated in 60 patients with actinic keratosis. The findings demonstrated that two different doses of AVX001 (1% and 3%) are safe and well tolerated in treatment of patients with actinic keratosis. While the study was not designed to draw definite conclusions on efficacy, the findings indicate a clear tendency to efficacy and a potential for AVX001 to become a future treatment option for patients with actinic keratosis. Based on these results, additional in-depth analyses of the findings from the study are ongoing in parallel with the evaluation and planning of the continued clinical development of AVX001.