Project overview & milestone plan

Through the strategic merger acquisition of Follicum AB, Coegin Pharma has added a number of new peptide-based drug candidates. In addition to FOL005 for the treatment of hair loss, there are two other drug candidates that have shown promising results in protecting human cells against the metabolic stress and damage associated with diabetes, which has the potential to reduce organ damage in diabetic patients. These peptide-based drug candidates are considered interesting candidates for the development of new drugs that reduce the risk of diabetic complications, such as chronic ulcers, chronic liver and kidney diseases, and cardiovascular diseases 

Coegin Pharma has both broad and deep knowledge of liver and kidney diseases, and there are significant synergies in combining Coegin Pharma’s existing cPLA2a inhibitors and the peptide-based drug candidates from Follicum. As a result, Coegin Pharma can now present an expanded portfolio of promising innovative concepts for the treatment of cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases and diabetes complications based on both small molecules as well as on the company’s peptide technology.

Projekt Indikation Forskning Preklinik Fas l FAS llA Fas llb
AVX001 GEL Actinic keratosis           
FOL005 Stimulation of hair growth          
AVX001 GEL Basal cell carcinoma          
Wound healing          
AVX 420 Leukemia          
AVX 420 / FOL026 Liver and kidney fibrosis          
FOL056 Cardiovascular complications