FOL005 (Stimulation of hair growth)

Coegin Pharma AB recently presented positive conclusions from the analysis of the clinical Phase IIa trial with FOL005 for hair growth stimulation, which Coegin Pharma took over in connection with the acquisition of Follicum.  FOL005 is based on research into human protein osteopontin and FOL005 is a peptide with a shorter sequence of the protein. The analysis showed that men with significantly reduced hair growth actually achieved a significant effect despite a relatively short treatment period. Coegin Pharma believes that FOL-005 may be developed into a valuable drug candidate for certain types of hair loss, and that the project may have significant commercial value. The best way forward for the project, is to find the right partner who can complete the development and commercialisation of a product. An out-licensing is believed to create the best conditions for the project and thereby also create value for Coegin Pharma’s shareholders, which is in line with the company’s strategy.

Coegin Pharma will continuously announce more detailed project plans and milestones as the projects mature.