AVX420 (Leukemia)

The leukaemia initiative took an important step forward, in 2021, with the selection of AVX420 as a new drug candidate. AVX420 has shown promising results in several preclinical models for leukaemia and other types of cancer. Although the substance has potential in different types of cancer, the current assessment is that the findings indicate that leukaemia should be the company’s main focus as the first cancer indication for AVX420. However, the company does not rule out the possibility that the substance may be developed in other types of cancers at a later stage.

With AVX420, Coegin Pharma has documented a strong cPLA2a inhibitory effect in leukemia, indicating that AVX420 may be a promising drug candidate for the treatment of certain types of leukemia. The project is proceeding, but the preclinical plan is delayed due to disruptions in international supply chains. The preclinical phase is expected to be completed in 2023, with start of Phase I during the same year. Professor Thoas Fioretos, from  Lund University, is particularly recognised for his research and clinical expertise in leukemia, and his joining the board and the company will significantly strengthen the conditions for the project. Thoas Fioretos is, among other things, a co-founder of Cantargia AB and Qlucore AB.